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That one time I was worth a million

What was once seemed like something out of a movie turned on it’s head. The San Diego sun beat against me and my surfboard. I thought I was cool, but really, I was just a geek who bought the cheapest surfboard he could buy and after a million attempts, still couldn’t catch a wave. I didn’t care though, I felt free. A week previously, I was worth a million dollars on paper, a lot of money for an early 20-something. That day, I was worth, maybe a few thousand dollars. I gave it all up and it felt incredibly liberating knowing I didn’t give a shit about money. I didn’t know what I’d do next, but how many of us really do? 

This story starts in Waterloo, a sleepy city filled with deprived students who dream of one day escaping the horror that is the University of Waterloo. My former boss had connected me to someone who connected me with someone. She sold me a future where the future of healthcare was one where integration and shared context among healthcare providers saves lives. She knew s…

HK's Adolescence

Hong Kong is complicated. It is Chinese and it is British. It is democratic, but in reality, democracy doesn’t exist in China. It has built it’s foundations on the backbone of manufacturing and financial liquidity in China. That foundation is quickly changing with the emergence of Shanghai as a new powerhouse and the Chinese government becoming restless with HK’s divergence from Chinese ideals. As a result, for better or for worse, Hong Kong is being forced to search a new identity it can call it’s own.
Millennials (my generation) in Hong Kong has a lot of commonality with the millennials in the West. We’re all optimistic, idealistic, and perhaps a little naive. Unlike the West, however, materialistic values are alive and well among millennials in HK. Young women crowd cookie cut malls filled with luxury brands, spending money they don’t have to reflect a lifestyle they also don’t have.
Financial stability for a young adult in HK is a dream for most outside of the finance industry. Like…