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It is 6 AM in France. A man opens his bakery. The air of the bakery is perfumed by the smell of some of the world's best bread. The bread is something of a religious experience, a dance and juxtaposition of hard vs. soft, bitter vs. sweet, simple vs. complex. It is intoxicating. He wakes up incredibly early and sells this experience for less than 1 euro a pop. It is hard to find this experience outside of France, which is something I find a little depressing as someone who doesn't live in France. In my eyes, there exist few opportunities in to have such wonderful experiences at that price. Outside the bakery is a cafe with wine, coffee, a view of the sea, enveloped by a city which echos of another century. How one can be sad here I am not sure. Just by waking up and being alive, you earn yourself a feast for the eyes. It is 6 AM in midtown, Manhattan. You are awakened by the screams of the mentally ill man outside the front window. Your walls are soaked with toilet water from t

Large tech companies should be training engineers

As of 2/28/2022, Amazon has 27,910 openings in software. When I checked again on 3/14/2022, that number had shot up to 29,239. If New York City was entirely inhabited by software engineers, Amazon could hire roughly 1 in 300 New Yorkers tomorrow. According to, an L6 software engineer can expect to make roughly $357,000 USD at Amazon. This is just one tech company of many. Besides Tencent and Amazon who are great at leveraging their balance sheet for the long term, many tech companies see huge cash positions and increasing cash flows and do not seem to have enough cost efficient channels to deploy capital. There aren't enough engineers to hire. This results in ever higher salaries for engineers.   (Source: (Source:,Google,Facebook,Microsoft&track=Software%20Engineer)   The great irony of it all is in the competition for tech talent, anecdotally the number of software