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Q2 2024: 24.58% YTD, the case against microcaps and MTR (HK's rapid transit system)

Disclaimer: Nothing on this site, including this page, constitutes investing advice. Please do your own due diligence. Q2 YTD performance is 24.58%. This is slightly ahead of the Nasdaq 100 (~19%) and ahead of most other indices. What is actually knowable? There are hard limits on cases where knowledge and hard work is useful. As a silly example, humans have worked hard, discovered math and science, religion, philosophy, tripped on drugs, and so on. After thousands of years of wondering, do we know with complete conviction, what is the exact nature of the universe? In this question, there cannot be any degree of precision regardless of the centuries of hard work. There are many practical cases where this is true, both in investing and elsewhere. As an example, someone can know the oil & gas industry inside and out. They can spend a lifetime understanding every nut and bolt that goes into an oil rig. But because the world is highly uncertain (we have wars, pandemics, etc.) it is bas

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