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Play unfair games

I was born and raised in Canada. I did not have to fight in a war, worry about death by starvation or disease. I had a great education. I had a mother that cared deeply for me. My lifestyle was enabled by cheap labour elsewhere who did not have the advantages I had. My late grandfather was a teenager in Nanjing during WWII. He saw an incredible amount of death, rape, racism, desperation that likely haunted him his entire life. He escaped, survived, was forced to learn 2 languages, and built a family. As we speak, there is injustice that lives today and it is important that we do not take it for granted. However, by having the childhood that I had, I believe I’ve played an “unfair game”. My starting place in life is deeply unfair. The baby born in a war torn country is unlikely to have the opportunities that I’ve had. Maybe we can complain loudly that the world is unjust. However, I think better is to acknowledge the injustice, not squander our opportunity, play the game when it's u

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