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Why Nvidia could continue to win and why semiconductor design companies are low quality businesses

Disclaimer: Nothing on this site, including this page, constitutes investing advice. Please do your own due diligence. In 2010, Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia stood in front of me and ~50 other young, naive engineers, foot on a chair. He looked like a genius, swashbuckling, Asian Captain Morgan and proceeded to recount Nvidia history. There are likely very few founding teams that love their companies like the Nvidia founding team. As anyone who’s started a company would tell you, that’s saying something. All startups require blood, sweat, and tears. But Nvidia was born in a competitive era like no other. The future of graphics was being invented. By ATI, S3, Rendition, Chromatic Research, Cirrus Logic, 3dfx, you get the picture. It was an absolute bloodbath of some of the world's most brilliant people, all vying for a piece of the pie. There were really only two champions who won the war: ATI and Nvidia. The James Bond Skyfall speech describing Silva and Bond comes to mind. How many c

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