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Q1 2024: 17.88%, CNOOC, Topicus, BestMart 360 and Plover Bay

Disclaimer: Nothing on this site, including this page, constitutes investing advice. Please do your own due diligence. I’ve been investing seriously for a few years now. While I can’t claim to have balance sheet x-ray vision, I’ve never had industry experience, we have been beating the market for some time so I’d like to claim I am not a completely incompetent investor. I wanted to start documenting my journey a little more publicly for a few reasons: to hold myself accountable so I don’t do anything so stupid I’d feel bad for sharing it publicly, to share more of how I think with our future kids years down the road (they are the most important beneficiaries, I think about them as I write this), and maybe there are folks out there that might want to chat about investing. Q1 performance in 2024 is 17.88%. I suppose this stacks up favorably to the SP500’s 10.79% or the Nasdaq Composite’s 9.32% but I’m not sure if even having a benchmark makes any sense. I am investing for our future fami

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