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It is 6 AM in France. A man opens his bakery. The air of the bakery is perfumed by the smell of some of the world's best bread. The bread is something of a religious experience, a dance and juxtaposition of hard vs. soft, bitter vs. sweet, simple vs. complex. It is intoxicating. He wakes up incredibly early and sells this experience for less than 1 euro a pop. It is hard to find this experience outside of France, which is something I find a little depressing as someone who doesn't live in France. In my eyes, there exist few opportunities in to have such wonderful experiences at that price. Outside the bakery is a cafe with wine, coffee, a view of the sea, enveloped by a city which echos of another century. How one can be sad here I am not sure. Just by waking up and being alive, you earn yourself a feast for the eyes. It is 6 AM in midtown, Manhattan. You are awakened by the screams of the mentally ill man outside the front window. Your walls are soaked with toilet water from t