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A few things I learned while starting a company

I had just come out of a bathroom when I see a girl with her phone out. It’s got my face on it. Was she a stalker? No, I’m not good looking enough for that. It’s my Tinder profile as we had matched earlier. She’s cute, so I do the sensible thing and ignore her. She comes up to me, anyway, and strikes up a conversation. We hit it off. I wasn’t ready to start working for somebody else yet, so we did the obvious and sane thing: we started a company.

I’m in love. We work in only the best cafes and meet people way more important than we are on the regular. The first paying customer makes us feel like we’re on cloud 9. It’s like crack if I knew what crack was like and we get addicted. A few months later, we had been covered by almost every national media outlet, we’re revenue positive, had a team of 6, things were looking hard but doable. The only detail: we had a competitor valued at 400M USD and personally, I don’t believe in losing. Losing is for losers.

I wake up to the loud roar of publ…